Man Says Blog Revealed Internet Scam Artists

     LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (CN) – A Florida man learned he’d been duped when he read a blog detailing the scam tactics used by the man who sold him an Internet marketing business, entrepreneur Keith LeRoy claims in Nassau County Supreme Court.

     LeRoy claims that Michael Ullman advertised an allegedly established $40,000 per year Internet marketing business called for an “immediate wire transfer” of $18,000.
     After LeRoy transferred the money, he says the con artist uploaded tutorial videos on Internet marketing, but did not deliver “six satellite Web sites” as promised. Ullman also failed to honor several scheduled “consultation” meetings, according to the lawsuit.
     Shortly after New Year’s, LeRoy claims he stumbled across a blog describing “How to SCAM YOUR WAY to $1,000s Online” by “a set of very good and proud scam artists,” who suggested inventing an impressive biography. The phony bio boasted the same experience as the man who swindled him, LeRoy says. And he claims one blog entry was even titled “One of the Joys of a GOOD SCAM is Watching the FOOLS YOU LEAVE BEHIND.”
     Represented by Ronald Ramo, LeRoy is suing Ullman and his company, Tasteful Graphics Ltd. dba Analogy Marketing.

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