Man Demands $10 Million From Craigslist|After Being Shot With A Gun Sold There

     MANHATTAN (CN) – A man who was shot repeatedly by a man with a history of violence and mental problems demands punitive damages from Craigslist, which allegedly sold the gun to the disturbed shooter in violation of New York’s Sullivan Law.

     Plaintiff Calvin Gibson claims Jesus Ortiz shot him repeatedly at 8 a.m. on July 24, in front of 278 E. 7th St. Gibson says Ortiz’s mother told a third party that her son had bought the gun through Craigslist on the Internet. Ortiz also told 9th Precinct police that that’s where he bought the gun, Gibson says.
     “Defendant owed a duty to the public at large to monitor and supervise what may be bought and sold and by whom, with respect to its Internet classified ads,” the federal complaint states. “New York City has an extremely stringent gun law, known as the Sullivan Law, pursuant to which an individual must have a license to own and/or carry a gun.
     “Upon information and belief, Ortiz has a psychiatric history and a history of violent crime. Upon information and belief, he is under medical care and is supposed to take psychotropic medications. But for defendant’s negligence in failing to supervise and monitor the content of the ads placed on its Internet service, Ortiz could never have obtained the handgun with which he shot plaintiff.”
     Gibson demands $10 million, plus punitive damages. He is represented by Paul Dalnoky.

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