Man Claims NFL Receiver Assaulted Him

     NASHVILLE (CN) – St. Louis Rams wide receiver Kenny Britt is facing a civil lawsuit for an alleged 2010 nightclub assault.
     Harold Pointer sued Britt, Bradford Miser and Nashville Midnight Oil LLC dba Karma Lounge, alleging assault, battery and negligence, in Davidson County Court.
     Pointer went to Karma Lounge in downtown Nashville on Oct. 22, 2010 with Adin Moore where they “witnessed what appeared to them to be a physical altercation involving Britt and Miser,” according to the complaint. Britt was with the Tennessee Titans at the time.
     Pointer claims the two men were allowed back in the nightclub and then mistook him for the man they had been fighting with.
     “When Britt and Miser and company returned, Britt pointed out Pointer to Miser from across the room and proceeded to approach Pointer and put his finger in his face, for no apparent reason,” the complaint states. “Britt and Miser believed that Pointer was the individual that Miser and Britt had been fighting previously in the evening.”
     “Britt appeared agitated and drunken, and out of control and continued pointing in Pointer’s face while yelling at him,” according to the complaint.
     Moore moved Pointer away from the angry NFL player and tried to calm down Britt and Miser, but after seeming to understand that Pointer was the wrong guy, the duo attacked him at the bar anyway, Pointer says.
     “Miser approached Pointer, without any provocation, and struck him on the head, knocking him to the floor, where the two wrestled while Pointer tried to defend himself,” the complaint states. “While Pointer was still on the floor, with Miser on top of him, Britt approached Pointer and struck him on his head repeatedly.”
     Karma security eventually pulled them off Pointer, who was bleeding from his face and head, before handcuffing Moore and asking Pointer not to press charges, according to the lawsuit.
     “Security put Moore in handcuffs and encouraged Pointer not to press charges, by telling him if he agreed not to press charges against Britt and Miser that Karma would agree not to press charges against Moore,” the complaint states.
     Pointer claims Karma was negligent in failing to provide adequate security. He seeks $100,000 plus punitive damages. He is represented by William Stover in Nashville.

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