Man Claims Cops Went Wild With Taser

     JASPER, Ala. (CN) – A man claims Sulligent City police officers Tasered him 14 times and beat him with handcuffs and a flashlight in front of his wife and child during a traffic stop, for no particular reason.

     In his federal complaint, Jason Cook says he was stopped “without probable cause” and though he offered no resistance, Officers Michael Bankhead and Rodney Jones Tasered him 14 times, threw him down, and Bankhead then beat him on the head with handcuffs and a flashlight while his wife and child watched from the car.
     Cook says he was beaten unconscious and suffered cuts and bruises, and his nose was broken in two places. He says police took him to jail and denied him medical treatment for three days.
     Cook says his wife suffered psychological damage and his minor son has trouble sleeping, is afraid of police officers, and is seeing a therapist.
     They seek damages for excessive force and civil rights and constitutional violations. They are represented by Donald W. Lambert of Huntsville.

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