Man Accused Of Guarding Bin Laden Challenges His Detention At Guantanamo

     WASHINGTON (CN) – An alleged former bodyguard for Osama bin Laden challenged his six-year detention at Guantanamo Bay in Federal Court, claiming he has no ties with al Qaida and was wrongfully classified as an “enemy combatant.”

     Bashir Ghalaab, who sometimes goes by Hassan Mujamma Rabai Said, also denies the government’s claims that he was ever bin Laden’s bodyguard and supplied ammunition to al Qaida while hiding with bin Laden in the Tora Bora Mountains in Afghanistan.
     Ghalaab claims he has never committed an act of violence, or supported the Taliban, but “has been subjected to harsh and illegal interrogation by the Government.”
     He says any information the military gleans from him or any other detainees was gathered through torture and “has no value and should not be considered.”
     He seeks an immediate order requiring the government to explain why he was and continues to remain in U.S. custody.

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