MalwarePro Is A Scam, Microsoft Says

     SEATTLE (CN) – MalwarePro deceives consumers by offering to “scan” their computers for “hidden parasites” such as “spyware” for free, then charging $29.95 to “repair” the “problems detected,” though there are no such problems, and the defendants uses the ruse to install its own software, which cannot be uninstalled, Microsoft claims in King County Court.

     The defendant’s home Web site is, but it sells its bogus goods under a slew of other names, including Spyware Pro, AdWare Pro, Sypware Sweeper, and Search and Destroy, out of eponymous Web sites, the complaint states. Microsoft says hundreds of its customers have been injured. It demands $300,000 fines for each violation of the Washington Computer Spyware Act, plus other damages.

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