Magician Roy Accused of|Sexually Harassing Staff

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – Roy Horn, half of the magical act Siegried and Roy, was accused Friday of firing one of his male assistants who declined his sexual advances. Oliver Preiss says in his complaint in Clark County Court that Horn, who was mauled by a tiger on stage in 2003, made sexual advances at all his male assistants, and that “sexual assaults of employees were rampant.”

     Preiss says he started working with Horn in 2008. “Early on, both (Siegfried) Fischbacher and Horn made sexual overtures that Preiss rebuked,” according to the lawsuit. “After a few unsuccessful attempts, Fischbacher discontinued his requests for sexual favors.”
     But Preiss says Horn “continued to make requests for sex.”
     He claims that Horn made “sexual advances toward all male assistants,” and forced his assistants to “join him in watching pornographic videos at night.”
     Preiss says Horn became more insistent in 2010, “groping Preiss’ genitals and nipples, inside and outside of Preiss’ clothing.”
     “Preiss learned that Horn’s sexual assaults of employees were rampant,” the lawsuit states. “At least one of the employees … provided full-fledged sex to Horn.”
     Preiss says Horn requested that he return the keys to his house in April after realizing Preiss wasn’t going to give in. Preiss says he never returned to work.
     There also are surveillance videos showing “rampant sexual harassment, sexual assaults, lewd and lascivious conduct, as well as unwanted forced sexual groping of … multiple male employees,” the lawsuit states.
     Preiss says the videos also show Horn “manhandling some of the substantially smaller assistants.”
     Preiss seeks unspecified damages for sexual harassment, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress, among other things.
     He is represented by Sharon Nelson.

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