Madoff Sentencing Set for June 29

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Bernard Madoff will be sentenced on June 29, and his victims have a right to be reasonably heard then, in writing or in person, U.S. District Judge Denny Chin ruled today. Judge Chin set a June 10 deadline for receipt of letters or emails to the court expressing a desire to speak at the sentencing, which the court will provide to Madoff’s attorneys by June 12.

     Judge Chin said the court may limit the number of people allowed to speak and the time each one is permitted to speak, due to the number of victims. The letters and emails will be made part of the public record. Judge Chin said the court will provide two overflow rooms with closed-circuit video and audio feeds of the sentencing.
          Judge Chin’s order postponed the sentencing from June 13, apparently because of the deluge of requests to speak at the hearing.

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