Macron Seeks Discussions with Internet Giants

PARIS (AP) — French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron wants to hold discussions with U.S. social media groups about how to halt the spread of “Islamist propaganda.”

Macron, a centrist considered the front-runner in the upcoming election, told a press conference he wants to “have a frank discussion” with the internet giants, such as Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

He also pledged to work with other European countries and members of the NATO alliance to force internet firms to provide data encryption keys to police or access to some encrypted contents when needed in a counterterrorism investigation.

He said only an “international coordinated initiative” can put pressure on the internet giants.

Macron also said he will maintain French operations in Iraq, Syria and Africa’s Sahel regions against Islamic extremists.

France has been under a state of emergency since the 2015 attacks in Paris.

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