Lurid Movieland|Sex Ring Allegations

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Michael Egan has added to claims that he was one of several teenage actors sexually abused in a ’90s Hollywood sex ring, in a new complaint against an anonymous “Hollywood mogul” in Federal Court.
     In April, Egan made separate sex abuse claims against “X-Men” filmmaker Bryan Singer and Hollywood executives David Neuman, Gary Goddard, and Garth Ancier, in Hawaii Federal Court .
     In May, Egan withdrew his complaint against Neuman, the former president of Walt Disney Television.
     In a motion to dismiss, Neuman claimed Egan had sworn in a 2003 case that Neuman did not sexually assault him. Singer and former NBC and WB executive Ancier have both urged the court to dismiss the lawsuits.
     Now Egan has filed another lawsuit against a John Doe defendant. In the June 6 filing, Egan alleges that in the 1990s he was employed by the now-defunct Internet startup Digital Entertainment Network and coerced into attending sex and drug parties at an Encino mansion called the M & C Estate, owned by the company’s founder Marc Collins-Rector, who is not a party to the lawsuit.
     “Defendant Doe sexually assaulted plaintiff on more than approximately three occasions beginning when plaintiff was approximately 15 years old,” the 12-page complaint states. “Those unwanted sexual act included sodomy, oral copulation, and fondling of genitals. These acts of childhood sexual abuse took place at the M & C Estate, a television show set, and defendant Doe’s home.”
     According to Egan, Doe made “advance or partial payment of damages as an accommodation to plaintiff because of the childhood sexual abuse,” and in 2003 threatened Egan to release Doe from any claims.
     “At defendant Doe’s request, plaintiff met defendant Doe in a public place. Defendant Doe placed a form in front of plaintiff and said ‘you are going to sign this now. I will stop all of the bad things that are about to happen to you. You need to sign this now and we will get you a nice studio job and you and your family will be okay as well as your girlfriend, and she will never know a thing.’ In approximately December, 2003 under fear, threats, and duress, plaintiff signed the form defendant Doe placed in front of him, false declaration denying any childhood sexual abuse by defendant Doe,” the complaint states.
     Though Collins-Rector is not a party to the lawsuits, Egan accuses him of threatening him at gunpoint at the Encino mansion and sexually abusing him.
     Egan was reportedly a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against Collins-Rector in 2000.
     In 2001, Los Angeles Times reported a $4.5-million default judgment against Digital Entertainment Network, by that time bankrupt, and Collins-Rector and two other principals, Chad Shackley and Brock Pierce, after they failed to respond to employees’ claims of rape, assault and death threats.
     Collins-Rector was also the subject of a sex molestation lawsuit filed by a teen in New Jersey who settled the lawsuit, the Times reported in the same article. Collins-Rector pleaded guilty in 2004 to charges of transporting five underage boys across state lines to commit illegal sex acts, according the Times.
     In his latest lawsuit, Egan claims that Collins-Rector, Shackley and Pierce were the “‘main members of the wolfpack'” that drugged and abused him.
     Egan’s complaint alleges childhood sexual abuse (oral copulation), childhood sexual abuse (sodomy), and sexual battery. He seeks compensatory damages, special damages, punitive and exemplary damages and costs.
     He is represented by Kevin McGuire of Temecula.
     McGuire did not immediately respond to a request to identify the Doe in the lawsuit.
     Egan’s full name, as given in the lawsuit, is Michael F. Egan III.

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