Looks Like the Wrong Way to Go About It

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) – In a complaint suitable for a textbook on employment law, a Mass Mutual sales manager claims that the day after he resigned, his boss sent a “mass email” falsely claiming that he had “off’d” the plaintiff, who “almost took us down.” The plaintiff claims he quit because the company stiffed him for a $50,000 bonus.
     David Coghill was a sales manager for Oregon Financial Services Group, he says in his complaint in Multnomah County Court. He sued MML Investors Services dba Mass Mutual Financial Group dba Oregon Financial Services Group, for defamation and breach of contract.
     Coghill claims he resigned because even though he met the annual sales target in his employment contract, which qualified him for a “$50,000 declining subsidy payment,” he never got the bonus.
     Coghill says that on Dec. 29, 2010, he gave his boss notice that he was resigning effective Dec. 31.
     On Dec. 30, he says, the boss, Craig Chambers, “sent a mass email” containing false and defamatory statements, including: “I off’d David yesterday,” and “Here is a guy who almost took us down.”
     Coghill says the mass email included this false and defamatory statement: “He admitted that he was indeed the one who was sending texts, emails and facebook entries to people who were either not going to be in his unit or other potential sales managers – warning them to stay away from the agency.”
     No, he didn’t, Coghill says.
     He demands his $50,000 bonus and damages for defamation, breach of contract and pain and suffering.
     Chambers is not named as a defendant, though he is named in the complaint.
     Coghill is represented by Roger Hennagin, of Lake Oswego.

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