Little Girl Killed|on Miniature Golf Course

     ORLANDO (CN) – A little girl was electrocuted when she took her ball from a water hole on a miniature golf course, her family claims in court.
     The parents and brother of the late Ashton Jojo, who was 11, sued Orange Lake Country Club dba Orange Lake Resorts, in Orange County Court.
     The Jojos say Ashton was playing miniature golf with her brother, Donovan, on June 27, when “her golf ball went into an adjacent water feature next to a golf hole. Ashton Jojo attempted to retrieve her ball in the water feature and upon touching the water to get her ball was electrocuted due to the improper, illegal and grossly negligent maintenance and repairs the defendant undertook to its electrical breakers, submersible pumps and electrical wiring.”
     The complaint continues: “Upon being electrocuted by the highly energized water in the golf hole water feature, decedent Ashton Jojo was unable to move and collapsed into the energized water further and continuously electrocuting her. At the time, no employee or agent of Defendant Orange Lake Resorts came to the rescue of decedent Ashton Jojo. It was only a heroic and selfless good Samaritan that attempted to rescue decedent Ashton Jojo. This good Samaritan was himself shocked by the energized water and he continued to be shocked until employees of defendant Orange Lake Resorts turned off the power to the water feature.”
     By the time employees turned off the power, Ashton was “without any palpable pulse,” her parents say.
     They claim the resort failed to get a permit for its negligent electrical work, failed to get it inspected and violated county codes.
     They seek $27 million in damages for wrongful death and negligence.
     They are represented by Ira Leesfield, of Miami.

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