Lisa Kudrow Sued by Manager for $50,000

     SANTA MONICA, Calif. (CN) – Actress Lisa Kudrow refused to pay Hollywood manager Scott Howard more than $50,000 in fees from her earnings on the television show “Friends” and other projects, Howard claims in Superior Court.

     Howard became Kudrow’s manager in 1991 when, he says, Kudrow was still “struggling to make it as an actress.” Three years later, she landed a starring role as Phoebe Buffay on the popular television show “Friends.” During the show’s 10-year run, Kudrow won six Emmy nominations, more than any of her co-stars. In 2005, the year of the show’s tenth season, Kudrow and co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox earned $1 million per episode. That was the highest per-episode television salary ever at that time.
     At Kudrow’s request, Howard says he agreed to reduce his cut of Kudrow’s per-episode earnings from 10 percent to 5 percent during the tenth season. Kudrow paid him all per-episode commissions she owes. However, she failed to pay him 10 percent of her back-end earnings between the third quarter of 2006 and March, 2007, when Kudrow ended their contract. Howard says Kudrow also owes him a percentage of earnings from other acting projects.
     Howard is represented by L. Larson Jaenicke of Rintala, Smoot, Jaenicke & Rees.

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