Lindsay Lohan Sues|Video Game-Maker

MANHATTAN (CN) – Lindsay Lohan sued Take-Two Interactive Software on Wednesday, claiming it used her name and image without permission to promote its Grand Theft Auto V video game.
     Lohan sued Take-Two Interactive Software, Rockstar Games and two Rockstar affiliates for violation of privacy rights, in New York County Supreme Court.
     “On or about June 30, 2013 defendants announced the plaintiff’s name in association with a look-alike side mission, which can be found inter alia., in gaming blogs for the specific and unequivocal purpose of promoting, advertising GTA V for trade purposes, before the release of the game without the consent of the plaintiff,” Lohan says in the complaint.
     She claims the game includes a “side mission” in which “the Plaintiff’s look-alike asks another character to take her home and escape the paparazzi.”
     She claims that the defendants used her name in advertising her look-alike character in an advertising campaign that began on June 30, 2013.
     When the game was released, Lohan says, the defendants used her portraits and voice to push the game, without her consent.
     “The Plaintiff’s GTA V character(s) are not only portraits of the plaintiff’s likeness but the aforesaid ‘Lacey Jonas’ side mission tells a story in GTA V, which contains identical events to the plaintiff’s life,” according to the complaint.
     “Defendant(s) used plaintiff’s likeness in the GTA V character’s mission/storyline that is substantially similar to places, locations and events in plaintiff’s life, making it unequivocal that the plaintiff was the intended referent in the mission.”
     Lohan claims the defendants were unjustly enriched by using her name and likeness, invaded her privacy and misappropriated her likeness.
     She seeks punitive damages, an injunction and costs.
     She is represented by The Pritchard Law Firm.

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