Limited Injunction for Moving Big Snakes Issued

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Following up on an earlier opinion, a federal judge issued an injunction against a ban on interstate transportation of the reticulated python and a type of anaconda.
     Shipments of the snakes into Texas and Florida, where the climate makes them a more serious risk of becoming established, remains prohibited.
     The injunction protects only the U.S. Association of Reptile Keepers, USARK members and the other plaintiffs.
     Emphasizing that the injunction applies only to shipments of the reticulated python and the green anaconda within the 48 continental state, the court noted that the Beni anaconda and DeSchauensee’s anaconda are not currently found in the United States.
     The injunction will not apply to imports or to shipments between the 48 continental States and the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or any territory or possession of the United States, according to the Tuesday order.
     U.S. District Judge said the preliminary injunction will go into effect in 14 days so that the government defendants can seek interim relief pending appeal.

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