Lifetime Sues NBC Over ‘Project Runway’

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Lifetime Entertainment Services sued NBC Universal, Bravo Media and The Weinstein Co. in Federal Court, insisting it has exclusive rights to broadcast this year’s “Project Runway” TV show.

     Lifetime says it bought the rights to the show’s 6th season, but NBC and Bravo have sued Weinstein in New York County Court, claiming Weinstein sold them the rights of first refusal.
     Lifetime claims it bought the rights to “Project Runway,” and rights to its “companion series,” “Models” and “Project Pygmalion,” a so-called reality show.
     Lifetime claims NBC did not sue it in state court because Lifetime’s rights would preclude NBC from getting what it wants – exclusive rights to Project Runway. Bravo is a subsidiary of NBC Universal.
     Lifetime seeks declaratory judgment and an injunction. It is represented by Stuart Gold with Cravath, Swaine & Moore.

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