Big Brother Academy of Cedar City’s employee Brian Majors sexually abused a 16-year-old girl in his care at the Utah camp, her mother claims in Contra Costa County Court, Calif.

     Parents of a 13-year-old boy say Claymont Elementary teacher Rachel Holt had sex with him 28 times, and even invited a classmate to watch. They also sue the Brandywine School District, in New Castle, Del., Superior Court.
     Michelle Barker died in a Cessna 208B airplane crash caused by a defective de-icing system, her estate claims in a lawsuit against Cessna and Goodrich Corp., in Seattle Federal Court.
     A United Airlines Boeing 777 was damaged by an electrical fire in the avionics bay below the cockpit, caused by defective design and/or manufacture, according to a claim against GE Aviation Systems and Boeing, in Seattle Federal Court.

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