Letterkenny Missile Depot|Areas Off Superfund List

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Environmental Protection Agency intends to remove parts of the Letterkenny Army Depot’s Southeastern Area and Property Disposal Office Area, in Chambersburg, Pa., from the Superfund National Priorities list.

     The depot was established in 1942 for ammunition storage. Since 1947, however, activities expanded to include the testing, maintenance and overhaul of wheeled and tracked vehicles and missiles; the storage and transportation of industrial chemicals and petroleum; and demilitarization and modification of ammunition.
     In 1983, volatile organic compound contamination of the groundwater beneath the depot was detected, and by 1984, it was determined that the area contained at least six major areas of volatile organic compound contamination and/or elevated levels of metals.
     The groundwater contamination extended to outside wells, and residential well sampling disclosed volatile organic compounds in the groundwater. All residential wells were sealed, and the affected households were connected to municipal water supplies.
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