Letter to the Editor

     It has been so long since any one connected with the media has expressed an interest in the preservation or enhancement of competition, that I didn’t quite know how to react your editorial in the May 27 issue of Central District Almanac on our DSL litigation. Ghost of Ma Bell Rising
     When I was young lawyer in the Eisenhower administration (yes, I go back that far) even the Republicans were rabid about the preservation of competition and there was a great spirit de corps among the trustbusters in the Antitrust Division.
     Now, they busy themselves filing briefs for the Fortune 500 companies as though they were indigent and can’t afford the priciest lawyers. It was, therefore, refreshing to read your editorial for which I commend you.
     I trust you noticed Senator Obama’s expressed commitment to restore antitrust enforcement. Perhaps those lawyers will find it interesting to do something constructive once they reopen for business.


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