Lenny Dykstra’s Brother Seeks Stake in Car Wash

     VENTURA, Calif. (CN) – Former professional baseball player Lenny “Nails” Dykstra refused to pay his brother a 10 percent stake in car wash partnerships that the outfielder sold for more than $50 million, Kevin Dykstra claims in Superior Court.

     Lenny allegedly convinced Kevin to give up a career as a major league umpire to manage three California-based car wash partnerships in exchange for a share of Lenny’s 75 percent interest in the stores.
     In April 2004, “Nails” was slapped with a dissolution suit filed by a partner he had booted from the lucrative car wash business one year earlier, his brother claims.
     Kevin says Lenny forced him to destroy financial records, testify that he did not hold a 10 percent interest in the business and use his “connections with the police department” to harass the partner so that Lenny could successfully defend himself against the accusations.
     After the arbitrator found for the former ballplayer, Lenny fired his brother and sold the car wash partnerships, the lawsuit states.
     Lenny allegedly claimed that Kevin had no interest in the business based on his brother’s testimony under oath, which was a lie.
     Kevin says he has not received “one penny” from the multimillion-dollar sales. He demands actual and punitive damages. His attorney is Zev Brooks in Fountain Valley, Calif.

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