Las Vegas Strip Searches Challenged

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – The Clark County Detention Center illegally strip-searches detainees regardless of the charges against them, a man claims in Clark County District Court.

     Dan Roadhouse says he and at least 10,000 others’ civil rights were violated over the past five years by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s unnecessary and illegal search policies at the facility, which include vaginal and rectal cavity searches in plain view of other detainees and corrections officers.
     “The policy … to force those charged with minor crimes to undergo the indignities of a strip search upon detention is not only clearly illegal, but is insensitive and unnecessary,” the lawsuit states.
     Roadhouse was arrested in February 2008 on misdemeanor charges of reckless driving. He says he was ordered to remove his clothes in front of four or five other men in a holding cell, and was subjected to an unnecessary strip search that caused him “psychological pain, humiliation, suffering and mental anguish.”
     Roadhouse wants the strip searches to stop. He also seeks damages.
     He is represented by James Rosemary with Carey Danis.

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