LAPD Genital Kick Blamed for Mom’s Death

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – An LAPD officer killed a mother of two by kicking her in the genitals, the woman’s mother claims in court.
     Sandra Thomas Moses sued Los Angeles, its Police Department and Doe officers 1-50 for the wrongful death of her daughter Alesia Thomas, who died of cardiac arrest in the early hours of July 22, 2012. Moses also sued on behalf of one of her late daughter’s two children, in Superior Court.
     Moses claims her daughter stopped breathing within minutes of the attack by a female LAPD officer. She was pronounced dead 16 minutes after arriving at a medical center in southwest Los Angeles, according to an Aug. 31, 2012 report in the L.A. Times.
     Before the attack, Moses says, her daughter had left her two children, 12 and 3, at a South Central Los Angeles police station.
     “Alesia had been suffering from depression and mental anxiety since the death of her father,” the complaint states. “Alesia gave her son, [plaintiff] Aron, a handwritten note and told Aron walk into the police station with [her daughter] Philesia and give the note to the police man in the station,” the complaint states. “The note stated ‘Call 626-497-4005 Give the kids to my Mom.’ This is in keeping with the intention of the California Safe Haven Law which allows struggling parents to surrender their children at certain locations, including police and fire stations, or hospitals.”
     Though the children were healthy, “well-dressed and presentable,” Moses says, police officers went to her daughter’s apartment during the early hours of July 22 to arrest her on suspicion of child abandonment or endangerment.
     “According to the news release from the Los Angeles Police Department, as Doe officers 1 through 5, inclusive, were taking Alesia into custody, she resisted arrest and tried to ‘pull away’ from officers,” the complaint states. “The officers performed a ‘leg sweep,’ took Alesia to the ground and handcuffed her hands behind her back. When Alesia allegedly continued to resist, the officers allegedly called for back-up and placed Alesia into so-called ‘hobble restraints,'” an adjustable strap used to restrain the ankles.
     “At that point Alesia was completely defenseless. Doe Officer I verbally stated to Alesia that she was going to kick Alesia in Alesia’s genitalia if she further resisted. Thereafter, Doe Officer 1, with great force, actually kicked Alesia in Alesia’s genitalia,” the complaint states.
     Upon arrival at Centinela Regional Medical Center in Inglewood, officers failed to inform medical staff that Thomas “had been kicked with great force in the genitalia,” her mother says.
     She claims the incident was recorded by a video camera on a patrol car dashboard, and that she petitioned the court for a copy of the tape last year.
     “According to a statement released by defendant LAPD officials, officers used ‘questionable tactics’ against Alesia while Alesia was restrained and made inappropriate verbal comments,'” the complaint states.
     The L.A. Times reported that it interviewed two witnesses who said the officers were trying to help Thomas, who had been acting aggressively.
     A coroner’s report concluded that Thomas had cocaine in her system when she died, the Associated Press reported in January.
     “Autopsy findings and police car video did not reveal evidence of fatal trauma or asphyxia,” the report stated. “Effects of cocaine intoxication appear to be a major factor in the death.”
     Moses seeks costs and attorney fees and damages for wrongful death, false imprisonment, assault and battery, deprivation of constitutional rights, negligent infliction of emotional distress, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and deprivation of constitutional rights.
     She is represented by Robert Young.
     The city did not immediately respond to a request for comment made after business hours Wednesday.

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