L.A. Rams Owe Season|Tickets Despite Move

     ST. LOUIS (CN) — The Los Angeles Rams must grant season tickets to some fans who bought personal seat licenses while the team was in St. Louis, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.
     U.S. District Judge Stephen Limbaugh Jr. found that the personal seat licenses are valid even though the NFL team moved to Los Angeles. The Rams must also refund deposits for others who bought the licenses.
     The ruling covers three class actions filed shortly after the Rams’ move was approved in January. Those cases were consolidated into one.
     Envision LLC and Richard Arnold argued that their seat licenses were still valid despite the team’s move and that they had the right to buy season tickets in Los Angeles. The Rams claimed the licenses were terminated by the move.
     The other plaintiff, Ronald McAllister, claimed the Rams terminated their contracts with the move and therefore owed the license-holders refunds on their deposits.
     The Rams were not available for comment late Wednesday.
     More than 46,000 fans bought the licenses when the Rams moved to St. Louis from Los Angeles 21 years ago. The licenses grant owners the right to buy season tickets.
     Limbaugh found that two different contracts were issued — some directly by the Rams and others from the team’s ticketing agent, FANS Inc.
     Limbaugh found that fans who bought seat licenses directly from the Rams were entitled to buy season tickets even with the move to Los Angeles, because those agreements never stated that the agreement was terminated due to relocation.
     However, people who bought licenses from FANS Inc. were not entitled to season tickets, because the FANS contract states that it is terminated in the event of a Rams relocation.
     Limbaugh noted that the FANS contract states that the Rams can terminate the contract for any reason and refund “part or all” of the license-holder’s deposit. Deposit is not defined in the contract. Limbaugh said he would determine the amount of a deposit later.

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