L.A. City Attorney Blisters Oil Company

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Los Angeles sued Allenco Energy on Tuesday, claiming its oilfield is so noxious that residents of University Park have to keep their children indoors with windows shut to keep them from the vile odors.
     Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the State of California, accompanied it with a blistering statement.
     “For years the residents living near Allenco have complained about noxious odors and debilitating health problems,” Feuer said in the statement. “No community should have to live this way, with windows shut, children kept indoors to protect their health, and neighbors seeking relief from intolerable conditions. That is why I’ve filed this lawsuit today.”
     Also sued are Allenco owner Peter Allen and Timothy James Parker, its executive vice president in charge of operations.
     Allenco has temporarily suspended its operations, Feuer said. He seeks civil penalties and wants the place shut down until it complies with environmental law “and no longer poses an imminent threat to public health.”
     Feuer’s complaint accuses the defendants of unfair competition, violations of the Business Code, being a public nuisance, and violations of the California Health and Safety Code and Hazardous Materials Release Response Plans and Inventory laws.

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