L.A.-Based Scam Took $700K, Class Says

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Madison, Mirisch, Zarandi & Fox took more than $700,000 from unsophisticated investors by selling them unregistered securities they never even delivered, a woman claims in a Superior Court class action.

     Named plaintiff Daniella Leon says she lost her life’s savings in the deal – $45,000 – and never received certificates of ownership for the three “units” she bought, but only got a copy of the seller’s tax returns, with her name omitted as a partner.
     Leon says she bought the “units” from her longtime friend, co-defendant, Vicky Mirisch, of defendant Mirisch Investments.
     Sunleer Holdings also is named as a defendant.
     Madison, Mirisch, Zarandi & Fox, of Studio City, raised more than $700,000 from more than 30 limited partners who bought “units,” the complaint states.
     Leon says she never received any evidence of her ownership of the units but was given a copy of the company’s 2006, 2007, and 2008 tax forms with her name omitted as a partner.She is represented by Vahn Alexander.

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