Kinbook Says Microsoft Infringed on Its ‘Kin’

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – Microsoft’s Kin One and Kin Two cell phones infringe on a Delaware company’s trademarked Kinbox and Munchkinbox online social networking applications, Kinbook LLC claims in Federal Court.

     Kinbook says it hired engineers and “spent a plethora of hours” developing the concept of Kinbox and Munchkinbox, which are designed to help family members share information on Facebook.
     Kinbook says it “has significant plans to expand this application beyond Facebook, and has capital to deploy.”
     But it claims Microsoft has thrown a wrench into the plan by trying to register the term “Kin” for new cell phones.
     This April, Microsoft started selling new cell phones called the Kin One and Kin Two and even bundled them in a package called the Kinbox, the complaint states.
     Microsoft is also set to release a software application for the XBox 360 in November called Kinect, Kinbook claims.
     It demands treble damages for unfair competition and trade dress infringement. It also wants Microsoft to stop using the term “Kin” in connection with “online social networking software applications,” claiming it confuses consumers.
     Kinbook is represented by Richard Gallucci Jr. of Spector Gadon & Rosen P.C.

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