KC Rapper Is Furious at Label

     KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CN) – Hip-hop singer Edward Monday, who describes himself as one of Kansas City’s “elite preeminent artists,” claims MW Productions owes him royalties, and compounded its sins by denouncing him as “capable of ‘ratting out’ his associates, a cardinal sin amongst rappers.”
     Monday says he has been recognized as one of the area’s “elite preeminent artists” since the inception of rap. He signed with MW Productions in 2008. He says he asked MW Productions in March this year about royalties owed him, but received no response.
     “MW has also failed to honor its commitments, promises, and obligations to Mr. Monday to relieve him of certain contractual responsibilities after he provided substantial assistance in securing the return of a large sum of money due to MW Productions from another artist,” Monday says in his complaint in Jackson County Court.
     “This cooperation came at great personal cost to Monday. MW allowed the fact of his cooperation to be known to others in the hip-hop industry, thereby creating an impression that Monday was capable of ‘ratting out’ his associates, a cardinal sin amongst rappers.”
     Monday seeks actual and punitive damages for breach of contract and fraud. He is represented by Chuck Chionuma.

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