KBR Negligent in Worker Deaths, Class Claims

ATLANTA (CN) – Kellogg Brown & Root, one of the biggest contractors working in Iraq, is responsible for more than 100 deaths plus a much larger number of injuries to its workers as a result of the high level of over-all negligence in the firm’s operations, a Georgia man claims in a Fulton County class action.

     Curtis Coffey, who was hired by KBR to recover disabled vehicles, was assigned to the Recovery Division in Iraq. Coffey was injured when a fellow worker David also known as “Killer” negligently operated the control of a wrecker. As a result, Coffey’s finger was mangled, and although he has undergone multiple treatments including surgery, he is still unable to use his finger.
     Coffey claims that his co-worker was not qualified to do his job, and his lack of experience led to the plaintiff’s injury. Aside from his lack of experience, his co-worker, who was from Kenya, was unable to understand Coffey’s instructions because of the language barrier, according to Coffey.
     Aside from his own injury, Coffey said the Recovery Division has “failed at every stage to provide even minimal safety precautions for its workers.” In addition, Recovery workers have been exposed to injuries because “the relevant equipment was not utilized to properly simulate field conditions or actual military equipment.” At least 110 of KBR’s employees have been killed in Iraq due to its negligence, according to the complaint.
     Coffey is represented by E. Adam Webb of Webb, Klase & Lemond.

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