KBR Hit With Harassment & Retaliation Claims

     HOUSTON (CN) – A contract worker in Iraq says Kellogg Brown and Root retaliated against her for complaining that she had been “inappropriately touched, stalked, intimidated and verbally harassed” by her male co-workers. Company officials allegedly transferred her to a remote, dangerous internment facility, and then promoted some of the culprits.

     Jo Frederiksen says she feared for her life while working for KBR in Baghdad, Iraq, because sexual harassment was rampant in the KBR network, particularly in the living quarters she shared with male employees.
     “Jo voiced her concerns many times regarding the co-ed facilities and lack of safety and privacy relating to her living space,” according to the complaint filed in Harris County Court. “When Jo attempted to report her concerns to her superiors or KBR investigators, she was seen as a problem.”
     Frederiksen says she was forced to resign because she felt the workplace was no longer safe for female employees.
     She is represented by L. Todd Kelly of Houston and Nathan Hardee of League City, Texas.

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