Kayakers Claim Pirate Ship Mowed Them Down

NORFOLK (CN) – A pair of kayakers are seeking $2 million from the operator of a popular tourist attraction after being struck by the company’s pirate ship.
     On Aug. 3, 2013, Yvette Blai and Carlton Leathers were operating a two-person kayak in the waters of the Rude Inlet on Virginia Beach.
     In a complaint filed in the Virginia Beach circuit court, Blai and Leathers say as they enjoyed their day on the water, they noticed the 65-foot-long “Lost Pearl,”
     a popular commercial tour owned and operated by Captain Jacks Pirate Ship Adventures, was speeding toward them.
     According to the complaint, at least four passengers aboard the vessel began waving their arms and yelling at the captain to warn him that the kayak was directly in the vessel’s path.
     Blai and Leathers say that despite the passengers’ efforts, the captain continued on a course that took the Lost Pearl directly over them. They further claim they were unable to take evasive action because of the high rate of speed of the larger vessel.
     The kayakers claim they suffered traumatic brain injuries and permanent disfigurement, and are seeking $2 million in compensatory damages.
     They are represented by Mark Favaloro of Virginia Beach.
     Representatives from Captain Jacks Pirate Ship Adventures had no comment.

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