Kaiser Patient’s Lung Punctured, She Claims

     CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CN) – A Kaiser physician’s assistant punctured a woman’s lung when he injected her in the back, she claims in District Court, Arapahoe County, State of Colorado.
     Francine S. Aeberli sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado, Robert M. Douglas, M.D. and physician assistant Gregg E. Royer.
     According to the lawsuit, Aeberli saw Dr. Douglas for muscle pain in her upper back and shoulder.
     “Dr. Douglas suggested to plaintiff that she undergo a trigger point injection procedure. Dr. Douglas informed plaintiff that he did not feel comfortable giving her the injection. Dr. Douglas solicited assistance from defendant Royer, who, Dr. Douglas said, was proficient in administering trigger point injections. Defendant Royer, in defendant Douglas’s presence, injected three trigger points beneath plaintiff’s rhomboid muscle in her upper back. At least one of the trigger point injections administered by defendant Royer punctured plaintiff’s lung, an injury known as pneumothorax,” the complaint states.
     Neither Douglas nor Royer told Aeberli about this “known and serious risk of trigger point injection therapy,” the complaint states.
     Aeberli contends a reasonable person would not have consented under the circumstances, and she would not have, had she known.
     Francine Aeberli seeks judgment for all damages, injuries and losses, interest, costs and expenses. She is represented by David Dansky of Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher in Denver.

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