Kaine Touts Clinton’s Jobs Plan in Austin Stump

     AUSTIN, Texas (CN) — Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine stopped in Austin on Tuesday to thank volunteers with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and vowed that the nation would make history on Nov. 8 by electing the first female president.
     The Virginia senator spoke at the Travis County Democratic Coordinated Office in East Austin on Tuesday afternoon before 300 people.
     The event was only open to Hillary for America & Texas Democratic Party volunteers, who along with the media sweltered in a warehouse-like room with little respite from the heat due to a lack of air conditioning.
     Former Austin mayor Kirk Watson started the rally by introducing current mayor Steve Adler. Adler told the crowd of Democratic volunteers, “We will not forgive ourselves if we don’t win this election. It is about every door, every phone call and every vote.”
     Watson called Kaine “a great candidate for vice president” and somebody who “wants to get the work done.”
     The crowd briefly chanted Kaine’s name as he was introduced by one of the grassroots volunteer coordinators for the campaign.
     Kaine said the Clinton campaign was “serious about Texas,” traditionally a Republican stronghold. He said he was proud to be part of the Democratic ticket with Clinton.
     He referred to Clinton as being listo, Spanish for “ready.” Punctuating this idea, he noted that the next president’s term of office will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. Thus, it should be a woman who is elected, he said.
     Kaine then focused on what he called the three main questions of the presidential campaign that distinguish Clinton from her Republican opponent Donald Trump.
     “Do you want a ‘You’re hired’ or a ‘You’re fired’ president?” Kaine asked.
     He gave examples of Trump hurting the job market and contrasted that with Clinton’s 100-days jobs plan. Her plan will create over 10 million jobs in her first term, but Trump’s plan would cause a loss of over 3 million jobs, Kaine said.
     Next, Kaine asked whether the nation wants a trash talker or a bridge builder. He noted Trump’s past controversial statements about the military that many deem offensive. Clinton, conversely, is a “bridge builder,” Kaine said.
     Kaine also compared the personal character of Trump and Clinton while asking if voters want a “me-first” president like Trump, or a “family-and-kids-first” president like Clinton.
     “We have not had one good president who was a ‘me-first’ president,” Kaine said.
     He closed by saying history will be made on Nov. 8, before exiting the podium to the classic R&B song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”
     Kaine’s next stop is an evening fundraiser hosted by Mozido CEO Todd Bradley.
     He will be in Dallas and Fort Worth on Wednesday.

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