Kaine Takes Democratic Campaign to Texas

     HOUSTON (CN) — Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine made a campaign stop in downtown Houston on Friday to speak to the media union Communications Workers of America, with a simple theme: “Stronger Together.”
     Kaine discussed his support for his running mate, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and contrasted the Clinton campaign with Republican nominee Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
     The vice presidential nominee gave credit to “strong women” for enabling his political endeavors over the years, and he cited Clinton as chief among them.
     Kaine told the crowd of communications and media union members that when Clinton was first lady, she tried and failed to establish universal health care. However, Clinton did manage to help establish the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, and her tenacity demonstrated her character, Kaine said.
     Clinton did not write the CHIP legislation but she took a “major role” in advocating for the policy, according to Factcheck.org.
     Kaine contrasted Clinton’s vision for America with Trump’s “adversarial” tone. He held up a copy of Trump’s book, “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again,” and questioned the title’s assertion.
     “I don’t recognize ‘crippled America,'” Kaine said.
     Kaine said that the 2016 presidential race was a “self-definition election” because of the Trump campaign’s polarizing nature.
     He said that Trump has been known to call women “fat pigs” and “slobs.”
     Kaine also lamented the Trump campaign’s “Hillary for Prison” buttons being sold on his official campaign website.
     Because of Trump’s attitude toward women, Kaine said that Clinton was the underdog in the presidential race.
     He said that Democrats are “underdog people,” and that their continued support for the Clinton campaign would ensure her victory.
     Kaine conceded that the polls indicated a close race, but Clinton has “got the edge,” he said.
     According to the RealClearPolitics’ polling average, Clinton is ahead by three points at 46.2 percent versus Trump at 43.2 percent. Clinton’s lead resides at the margin of error threshold and demonstrates a statistical tie.
     Kaine also criticized Trump’s stance on other issues outside of gender equality, including climate science, raising the minimum wage, and LGBT equality.
     He said that while American society has not always handled every issue correctly, particularly on civil rights for minorities, Americans are like a crew on a ship: “You never get to the North Star, but you always orient toward it.”
     Kaine was scheduled to speak in Austin, Texas, later on Friday.

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