Justin Bieber Hit With $9 Million Tinnitus Suit

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN)- A woman claims screaming fans at a Justin Bieber concert left her with severe tinnitus and hyperacusis after the teen pop star sailed over the crowd in a heart-shaped gondola. She demands more than $9 million in her pro se federal lawsuit.
     Representing herself, Stacey Wilson Betts sued Justin Bieber, his record label, management, and owner of the concert venue for damage to her ears.
     The Wilsonville woman says she took her daughter to a Justin Bieber concert in Portland in July 2010 where she was “injured by a sound blast that exceeded safe decibel levels.”
     Betts says she was “struck with a sound blast” when Bieber was pulled over the crowd in a heart-shaped gondola.
     “Mr. Bieber created a wave-like effect of screaming by pointing into various sections of the arena, then enticed the crowd into a frenzy of screams by continuously waving his arms in a quick and upward motion,” the complaint says.
     Betts says she has permanent ear damage and has been diagnosed with tinnitus and hyperacusis. Tinnitus involves hearing ringing sounds, and hyperacusis is marked by sensitivity to sounds of certain frequencies. The lawsuit seeks $9.23 million in damages.

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