Justices Reject State’s Bid to Ban Carp from Lakes

     (CN) The Supreme Court on Monday denied Michigan’s third request this year to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes. The state has said the Bighead and Silver carp are a danger to the lakes’ ecosystem and $7 billion fishing industry.

     Michican wanted the Supreme Court to reopen cases dating back to the ’20s, hoping to argue that the Chicago-area waterways serve as a conduit for carp to pass into Lake Michigan.
     The federal government opposed the motion, arguing the old cases were not related to the carp issue.
     Asian carp were brought to the United States to eat algae in ponds. They escaped into the wild and have been reproducing in the Mississippi River since the ’70s.
     It’s the third Supreme Court defeat for Michigan this year in its attempt to keep carp out of the lakes.

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