Just Asking

     Well, it’s been a good week for people looking for reasons to despise the human race.
     We’ve got those murderers in Boston, who bravely blew apart an 8-year-old boy, two young women and 170 other people.
     We’ve got the former justice of the peace in Texas, charged with murdering two prosecutors for the heinous crime of prosecuting him for stealing computer monitors.
     We’ve got the creepy dude in Mississippi suspected of mailing poison to the president.
     We’ve got the craven toadies in the U.S. Senate, going weewee in their pants because an overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens want to make it a bit more difficult for insane people to buy guns and banana clips.
     Through it all, we’ve had the vile little god of gun nuts, Wayne LaPierre, moving in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.
     And we’ve got Senator Mark Begich, Democrat of Alaska, who explained like this his vote against making insane people submit to the horrible ordeal of a background check before they can buy semiautomatic weapons: “It’s dangerous to do any type of policy in an emotional moment, because human emotions then drive the decision.”
     How right you are, senator, you loathsome twerp: Dangerous to get all emotional about the murders of 20 children at their elementary school. Much wiser to do nothing.
     Begich is chairman of the Senate Democrats’ Steering and Outreach Committee.
     Have you noticed anything similar about all of these creeps? I have. They’re all white men.
     The Boston Marathon was bombed on April 15 – Tax Day – as Massachusetts was celebrating a state holiday, Patriots’ Day.
     Describe for me, if you will, the typical noisy, self-proclaimed “patriot” who loves bombs and explosives. That description would begin, “A white man who …”
     So where’s our political, moral and religious rage against white men?
     Surely I jest, you say. Surely I cannot be trying to stir up rage against white men. That’s way too large a target, too vague, too disparate. Why, white men are everywhere. Like immigrants. And liberals. And gunshot victims.
     Of course I’m not trying to stir up hate against white man. I’m a white man. To blame white men for all the despicable things that happened this week in our country would be … actually, it would be typical, if any other group were substituted for white men.
     I hardly need point out that the level of political debate, of public expression in general in the United States has been venomous and hysterical for more than a decade.
     Actually, I do need to point it out. A generation of Americans are growing up believing that venom-dripping hysteria is normal public discourse. And they are right.
     Could the Republican Party’s ceaseless attacks upon government have anything to do with this?
     If public officials, day after day, use the airwaves, the Internet, their franking privilege and public appearances to tell us that government is evil, do you think it might have an effect, sometime, somewhere, upon someone who’s listening?
     And if government is so evil, why do all those politicians want to be a part of it?
     Just asking.

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