June Precedent Upends 53 Cases Seeking Review

     (CN) – The Supreme Court vacated 53 decisions in summary decisions Friday, citing recent precedent, but it did not take up any new cases in the raft of orders.
     Forty-two of the remands cited Dorsey v. United States, a June 21 decision in which the court should retroactively apply new, more lenient, guidelines when reaching sentences for crimes involving crack that occurred before passage of the law.
     Nine cases followed the precedent of Miller v. Alabama, a June 25 decision in which the court said it was unconstitutional to mandate life sentences without the possibility of parole for juvenile murderers.
     The remaining two cases were vacated in light of Williams v. Illinois, a June 18 decision in which the court rejected claims that defendants are unconstitutionally kept from confronting their accusers when forensic experts testify about DNA evidence tested by an outside lab.
     After the unusually lengthy bout of summary dispositions, the court issued three orders in pending cases, denied certiorari to another 22 case and denied a rehearing of one case.

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