Judge Won’t Reconsider not Reconsidering Order

     WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (CN) – A federal judge balked at a company for “overstepping the bounds of tactfulness” in seeking a second reconsideration of its denied motion.
     Jill Sikkelee is suing Precision Airmotive and more than a dozen other entities that she claims are responsible for the aircraft accident that killed her husband.
     U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann had partly denied a motion for summary judgment last year from Textron Lycoming Reciprocating Engine Division and then refused to reconsider that decision last month.
     Undeterred, Lycoming next sought reconsideration of that denied reconsideration.
     Brann showed little patience for the maneuver Tuesday.
     “To the extent it sought ‘more’ from the court, ‘including surveying the appropriate precedent,’ Lycoming might have brought at least a single instance of relevant precedent to the court’s attention for consideration,” Brann wrote.
     The judge promised to evaluate whether Local Rule 7.10 even permits a motion to reconsider an order denying a previous motion to reconsider should Lycoming think that “a fourth bite at this apple will be sweeter than the first bitter three.”

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