Judge Won’t Reconsider HP Infringement Claims

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Hewlett Packard’s digital cameras do not infringe on Papst Licensing’s patent, a federal judge ruled in the latest twist to the multidistrict legal saga between Papst and digital camera manufactures.

     U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer struck down Papst’s motion for partial reconsideration after the court denied its patent infringement claims and appeal, but she also denied HP’s opposing motion for sanctions for extending the legal proceedings.
     The court originally ruled against Papst because HP’s cameras do not contain a “second connecting device” and therefore do not infringe on Papst’s products.
     Papst’s current motion to reconsider comes after it lost an appeal in which it argued that HP’s products did not meet the court’s definition of second connecting device. More specifically, the company claims HP’s point-and-shoot cameras have both a USB-printer connector and a memory card-Eye-Fi connector that qualifies as a second connecting device.
     “Papst contends that reconsideration is warranted because the Court misunderstood its arguments, but Papst only repeats and elaborates upon arguments previously made,” Collyer wrote.
     Judge Collyer also denied HP’s motion for sanctions against Papst, stating that “the motion itself does not give rise to sanctions.”

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