Judge Suspended for Demeaning Remarks

     (CN) – The Louisiana Supreme Court suspended a Terrebonne Parish judge for his “demeaning and condescending” manner while hearing a domestic abuse case. “Heat, big smoke, but no fire. Dismissed,” Judge Timothy C. Ellender told a wife who had filed for protection. “You want a divorce, get a divorce. You’re not getting a [temporary restraining order]. See y’all later.”

     Eula Warren complained that Ellender seemed to approve of her husband’s abusive behavior throughout the hearing. When Charles Warren Sr. said he’d threatened to “whip [his daughter’s] booty and make her booty bleed,” the judge responded, “That’s good. Good for you.”
     “I understand now why women don’t go to the courts for help/protection because that judge treated me just like my husband does,” Eula said in her complaint to the Office of Special Counsel. “I feel like the judge gave permission to my husband to abuse his wife and children.”
     This incident marks the second time Judge Ellender has been disciplined for professional misconduct. In 2004, the white judge was suspended for one year without pay for attending a Halloween party wearing blackface makeup, a prison jumpsuit and shackles.
     Ellender admitted to having been “impatient” and “dismissive” during the domestic abuse hearing, but denied having violated the codes of judicial conduct.
     In addition to the suspension, the justices ordered Ellender to pay a $185 fine and complete a training course on addressing domestic violence cases.

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