Judge Names Prince’s Six Siblings Official Heirs of His Estate

CHASKA, Minn. (CN) – A Minnesota judge declared Thursday afternoon that Prince’s six siblings are the rightful heirs to the late pop singer’s estimated $200 million estate.

In a three-page order, Carver County District Court Probate Judge Kevin Eide designated the heirs of Prince’s estate to be Omarr Baker, Alfred Jackson, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John R. Nelson and Tyka Nelson. The latter is Prince’s sister and the other five are his half-siblings.

The ruling was made public Friday.

Prince’s sister and five half-siblings argued that further delays would increase costs to the estate and impede its efficient administration.

While he determined them to be heirs, Eide said he will “fully consider” the claims of other potential heirs to the estimated $200 million estate if they are sent back to him from the state appeals court.

“No distribution of assets of the estate to the heirs shall be permitted without a formal order of this court, and no distribution to the heirs will be allowed that may adversely affect the claims of heirship properly before the Court of Appeals or the claims of those similarly situated to a person who has commenced an appeal,” the judge’s order states.

In a separate development, Comerica Bank, the estate’s corporate personal representative, filed a motion late Wednesday to move forward with plans to cancel a $31 million recorded-music deal with Universal Music Group announced earlier this year, due to “claims of conflicting rights” to Prince recordings.

“As a result of this uncertainty and to avoid the considerable cost, delay and potential exposure associated with litigating against UMG and [Warner Bros. Records], the personal representative has concluded that it is in the best interest of the estate to rescind the UMG agreement,” the motion states.

Comerica’s motion will be heard by Judge Eide on May 31.

Prince died in April 2016 of an accidental painkiller overdose and left no will.

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