Judge Lets Autistic Boy’s Guide Dog Go to School

     WATERLOO, Ill. (CN) – An autistic boy can take his service dog to school, for now, a Monroe County judge said. The Columbia Community School District told the parents of a 5-year-old boy in June that he could not bring the dog to school because the dog is not a part of his Individual Education Plan.

     But Circuit Judge Dennis Doyle granted a preliminary injunction against the school district and said Corbin, an 11-month-old Bouvier de Flandres, must be allowed into class.
     The parents say their son has had fewer, less intense tantrums and has been better able to interact with the world since getting the dog and that he would suffer setbacks if he were separated from the dog.
     Judge Doyle rejected the school district’s arguments that the dog was not technically a service dog and that it would place an undue burden to the rest of the students. Doyle set a hearing for today (Monday) to discuss how the district can accommodate the dog and the other children in the boy’s special education class. He set no deadline for the dog’s attendance in class.

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