Judge Helps Reporter in Twitter Assault Case

DALLAS (CN) — A Texas judge has ordered Twitter to cooperate with an epileptic Newsweek reporter who’s trying to identify an online troll who sent him a strobe light image that induced a seizure.

Dallas County Judge Bonnie Goldstein on Monday ruled that Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald, 55, of Dallas, can serve a deposition of written questions on Twitter, seeking the identity of @jew_goldstein or anyone else who may be responsible for assault. The order came hours after Eichenwald filed a petition for presuit deposition of the social media company.

“Doe sent this image with the intent of causing a seizure, as evidences by the words Doe typed onto the strobe, ‘You deserve a seizure for your posts,’” the petition states. “Doe succeeded in his efforts to use Twitter as a means of committing assault, causing petitioner to have a seizure which led to personal injury.”

Eichenwald tweeted on Tuesday that he has filed a criminal complaint on Monday with Dallas police. He said other Twitter users are sending him strobe images, and he intends to get their accounts canceled.

“How have so many ppl become such sociopaths that they think it is ok to assault someone if they write political stories they don’t like?” Eichenwald tweeted.

“Look at how many Trump followers seem to think its funny or deserved that someone used my disability as a weapon. Whats wrong with them?”

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