Judge Forbids Lesbian|From Living with Partner

     DALLAS (CN) – A Texas judge has ordered a lesbian couple to stop living together due a morality clause in one of the women’s divorce papers.
     Judge John Roach of the 296th District Court in Collin County enforced the clause from Carolyn Compton’s 2011 divorce decree on May 7, the Dallas Voice reported .
     Compton has lived for three years with Page Price, who was ordered by Roach to move out within 30 days because Compton’s children live with the couple. The clause states that a person who has a “dating or intimate relationship” or is not related “by blood or marriage” must leave after 9 p.m. when the children are present.
     Shortly after the ruling, Price posted on her Facebook profile that Roach was a “bigot hiding behind a robe.”
     “By his enforcement, being that we cannot marry in this state, I have been ordered to move out of my home,” Price said. “Said judge offered further information to our attorneys that if he could throw her in jail for being gay he would. The only reason he didn’t incarcerate her was because of a technicality our attorneys found in the original wording.”
     Price accused Compton’s ex-husband of hiring a private investigator to bring the matter before the court.
     “This is the same man who lives just a few miles away yet has taken his children a total of 12 times in three years and not attended ONE school or athletic event,” Price said in another Facebook posting. “This request for enforcement was filed ‘in the interest and welfare of the children.’ If he is so worried about their welfare where is he every 1st, 3rd and 5th weekend?”
     Price said children that live with the couple are “happy and well adjusted.”
     “We didn’t want to be the face for this movement, but it looks like God has bigger plans for us,” she added. “We will stand up and fight this for our family and hope that it helps pave the way for marriage equality in Texas.”
     Texas voters approved a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in 2005.

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