Jon Voight Sues Film Co

     SANTA MONICA (CN) – Actor Jon Voight has filed a malicious prosecution suit against a New Zealand film company and its lawyers that claims they sued him and his manager’s elderly parents solely to get a settlement from the manager.

     Voight, along with Hank and Dorothy Paul, alleged in a Superior Court complaint that Daybreak Pacific, Ltd. and producers Paul and Mark Huljich had no reasonable grounds for suing them for millions of dollars in federal court in 2006.
     “Defendants believed … Steven Paul (Voight’s manager) would act favorably toward the defendants herein in attempt to relieve Steven Paul’s parents of the abuse, embarrassment, pressure, penalty, oppression, stress, and the like” caused by being sued. They allegedly had the same motive for suing Voight.
     According to the new suit, the plaintiffs won a summary judgment in the Daybreak Pacific federal suit last February.
Also named defendants are Peter J. Anderson, David Rose, Petty Tsay, Eisner & Frank, Eisner, Frank & Kahan, and Pryor Cashman LLP.
     The complaint was filed by Arthur Barens.

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