Joan Collins Sues her Condo Association

     SANTA MONICA (CN) – Joan Collins sued her condo association in Superior Court, claiming her daughter Katyana Kass suffered a fractured eye socket because of the association’s negligent response to Kass’s physical distress.
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     Collins and Kass sued the Sierra Towers Condominium Association, which owns and manages the Sierra Towers, in West Hollywood, where Collins lives.
     She says her daughter was staying with her in January this year, in her condo at what Collins describes as “an exclusive high-rise condominium building that is the home of many Hollywood stars, music moguls, entertainment executives and other high-profile individuals. Sierra Towers is widely regarded as one of the premier addresses in Los Angeles because of its location, incredible views of Los Angeles, and its famous residents. The building employs a large staff, including its own security personnel,” according to the complaint.
     But Collins claims a Sierra Towers security worker, “Mr. Wagoner,” responded negligently when her daughter felt “lightheaded and faint” after using the swimming pool on Jan. 24.
     Kass told Wagoner that she had fallen and hit the back of her head. “Ms. Kass was clearly not coherent and appeared to be in distress,” the complaint states. “Mr. Wagoner then had Ms. Kass sit in a nearby chair. However, rather than summon medical assistance. Mr. Wagoner decided instead to escort Ms. Kass to her mother’s unit located on one of the upper floors of the building. …
     “As he escorted her to the elevators, Mr. Wagoner observed Ms. Kass was in serious distress, as she was falling forward at the waist and having trouble standing, to the point where she had to lean against the hallway walls and the elevator wall for support. Arriving at the floor where Ms. Collins’ condo was on, Mr. Wagoner then escorted Ms. Kass down the hallway to the door of the residence. Mr. Wagoner, knowing Ms. Kass was still in no state to be standing on her own, turned his back on Ms. Kass, leaving her standing on her own. Ms. Kass then fell face-first into the hallway wall, violently striking her left eye socket on the edge of the baseboard. She was rendered unconscious.”
     Collins says her daughter suffered “multiple fractures of the orbital bones surrounding her eye.” Surgeons at Cedars Sinai inserted four metal plates to hold her orbital bones together, and she was hospitalized for a week, according to the complaint.
     Collins and her daughter seek medical expanses and damages for negligence. They are represented by David Ring, with Taylor & Ring.

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