Jeweler Fights Subpoena in Drew Brees Diamond Dust-Up

MANHATTAN (CN) – Clutching its proverbial pearls, a Manhattan jeweler urged a judge Thursday to quash the subpoena it faces in a case involving NFL quarterback Drew Brees.

Blue diamonds, like the Hope Diamond pictured here, are among the world’s rarest. (Dane Penland / Smithsonian Institution)

Filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the petition to quash from Global Diamond Group comes a year after Brees and his wife, Brittany, filed suit in San Diego against a La Jolla jeweler that purportedly ripped them off.

Represented by East Meadow attorney Mitchell Devack, Global Diamond says its 2011-2015 inventory included one of the jewels at issue in the San Diego case, a 4.09-carat “fantasy intense blue diamond.”

Nevertheless, Global Diamond “had no dealings or communications of any kind with any of the parties to the California action regarding the blue diamond,” according to the petition.

“To say that the diamond business is highly competitive and confidential business would be a gross understatement,” the petition states. “The identity of customers and their requirements, our sources of supply, cost prices, mark-ups and profits are the life’s blood of GDG’s business, held in the strictest confidence. The petitioner should not be compelled to divulge this highly confidential and proprietary records and information merely because it was years back in the chain of distribution of the blue diamond purportedly purchased by the respondents [Drew and Brittany Brees]. The petitioner is a stranger to the transactions and occurrences alleged in the California action and a romp through its business records by respondents is accordingly unwarranted.”

Global Diamond, which has its principal place of business at 589 Fifth Ave., says it was subpoenaed in connection to the Brees litigation in San Diego on Feb. 8.

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