Jennifer Love Hewitt|Sues Spammer

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt sued a Los Angeles company she accuses of using her name and image in spam email promoting vitamin sprays.
     Hewitt sued The Marz Group in Superior Court.
     She claims the company used her photograph to push oral vitamin sprays it touts as a weight loss supplement, energy booster and sleep aid.
     “Defendant’s marketing campaign hinges upon the exploitation of Hollywood celebrities. Indeed, an entire section of defendant’s website is littered with photos of celebrities who were undoubtedly pushed to hold the product at red carpet events,” Hewitt’s complaint states.
     Hewitt says she learned in March that Marz was using her image to endorse the spray “without her knowledge or consent.”
     “Specifically, defendant displayed a photo of Hewitt on its website in the ‘celebrities’ section. Upon learning of this unauthorized use of Hewitt’s photograph and likeness, Hewitt’s transactional counsel immediately took steps to protect his client’s rights and public image,” the lawsuit states.
     She says that when her lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to Marz, it blamed the violation of Hewitt’s rights on unnamed “third parties’ and promised the company would take action to ensure that her image was removed.
     But in spite of those assurances, Hewitt says, she later learned that she was featured in a spam email for the product.
     “The email displayed a prominent, front-and-center photo of Hewitt and included the caption: ‘AS SEEN WITH JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT.’ On information and belief, defendant has disseminated countless other advertisements and promotional materials exploiting Hewitt’s image and likeness without her knowledge or consent,” the complaint states.
     “Enough is enough,” it adds.
     Hewitt wants a judge to enjoin Marz from using her photographs and likeness, and damages and costs.
     She is represented by Alex Weingarten with Weingarten Brown.

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