James Woods Wants to Know Who’s Defaming Him

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Actor James Woods claims a Twitter subscriber defamed him to hundreds of thousands of Woods’ followers, and he wants to know who it is, and damages for defamation.
     Woods, 68, who had lead roles in the movies “Salvador,” “Ghosts of Mississippi,” “Nixon,” and others, was twice nominated for Oscars, once as best actor and once as best supporting actor. He also is a philanthropist, and has been recognized with awards for his work with heart and health groups and youth.
     In his Wednesday lawsuit in Superior Court, Woods says that “a cowardly individual who hides behind the Twitter name Abe List (‘AL’)” uses Twitter to “falsely accuse and humiliate others who dare to harbor opinions different from his own.”
     Woods claims AL has been defaming him since December 2014, and he was driven to sue when a July 15 tweet falsely accused him of being a “cocaine addict.”
     Woods says he sued “to unmask and reveal AL for the liar he is and to recover in excess of $10 million in damages.”
     He sued John Doe aka Abe List, John Does 2-10, but not Twitter, for defamation and false light invasion of privacy.
     He is represented by Michael Weinstein, with Lavely & Singer.
     An Internet search for Abe List today turned up two websites, one of which has been shut down and one of which bears warnings to those who would enter.

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