Wildlife Agency Reconsiders Critical Habitat for Jaguar
     WASHINGTON (CN) – More than a decade after listing domestic jaguars as endangered under the Endangered Species act, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reverses a previous decision not to propose designation of critical habitat and finds that it is now prudent to extend protection to the land the rare big cat roams.
           When jaguars in the U.S. were listed in 1997 the agency found that it would not be prudent to designate critical habitat because it found that the greatest threat to the cats was hunting and that detailed conservation maps would make it easier to find the four or give wild jaguars the agency estimates are in the United States.
           Since that time several organizations have continued to report sightings of the jaguar and publish maps that essentially define their habitat. Now the agency believes that designation will help enforcement of ESA protections.
     Endangered and threatened wildlife and plants, determination that designation of critical habitat is prudent for the jaguar: Notice of determination, published Jan. 13, 2010, comments and information by March 15, 2010
     The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, under the Endangered Species Act, have reconsidered its prudency determination concerning the designation of critical habitat for the jaguar (Panthera onca) and now find that designation of critical habitat is prudent. The USFWS is preparing a proposed designation of critical habitat for the jaguar in accordance with the Act this fiscal year and anticipate publication of a proposed designation in January 2011.

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